AEMVF | The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience
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The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) develops, maintains and shares knowledge and learning to support a disaster resilient Australia. Building on an extensive knowledge and experience in Australia and internationally.


It works with Government, communities, NGO’s, not-for- profits, research organisations, education partners and the private sector to enhance Australian resilience through innovative thinking, progressive development and knowledge sharing. AIDR is supported by its partners, the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, AFAC, the Australian Red Cross and the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC. Just a small sample of the resources available is: Scholarships for Volunteers, Reports on important emergencies and the Knowledge Hub. For more information go to


Of particular relevance to the emergency management volunteer sector is the KNOWLEWDGE HUB which contains extensive information on: Volunteering, Disaster Information, A Glossary of Emergency Management terms, National Emergency Manuals, Recovery, E Learning for Schools, Handbooks including the management of Spontaneous Volunteers, How to Log in, Registration and much more.


A new national handbook has been produced entitled: “ Communities Responding to Disasters: Planning for Spontaneous Volunteers”, It is available on the Knowledge Web.

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